Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving (..sigh)

Happy Thanksgiving to all...

I was really going to write a big rant on how wack my Thanksgiving is about to be, but then I thought about it. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks to things God has blessed us all with, and I understand that any position that put I am in...I am in no way, shape or form, in a position to complain. There is always an ultimate reasoning behind everything. I am eternally gratefully for everything...and I cannot express it enough

Bonne Action de GrĂ¢ce!
Fly Ty

P.S. If you missed it, I had a list of people I thanked for the intricate parts they had in the creation of this blog...I was gonna copy and paste the names to thank these people once again for being apart of the two decades of my existence, but you could just click here to see it.

P.P.S. oh...and if you really want see what I was originally going to post click

Fuck Thanksgiving (pardon my french)...the only good thing about Thanksgiving is that Christmas is around the corner....

I already knew my Thanksgiving was going to be the worst of all-time...because I was going to be alone. It seems that I'm the only person in the world who has to go to work on Thanksgiving. My family is going to be in Miami at my Grandma's new house. I've never been to Miami...and I really wanted to go, not only for my family, but for the city. I definitly wanted to check out Arrive. I hear they carry OriginalFake, and I really need a new jacket. It's feeling like Alaska in Atlanta. Anyways, I'm about to be trapped in this humongous house...bored...and with no food. I already know my Thanksgiving meal will probably just consist of a bowl of sad. I don't even know why we celebrate this shitty day. I feel what my man Nasir said about Thanksgiving.
The China-men built the railroad
The Indians saved the Pilgrim
And in return the Pilgrim killed em
They call it it Thanksgiving, I call your holiday Hell Day
Cause I'm from poverty, neglected by the wealthy

Me and my niggas share gifts every day like Christmas
Slay bitches and party everyday like this is the last
I'm with my heckles connecting and we hitting the lad
This is my level, fuck if it get you mad

--What Goes Around...NaS

Fly Ty


Fly Ty said...

The food in that picture look nasty...but it seemed real Thanksgiving-ly (new

the joy said...

Happy thanksgiving right back at ya. (I'm from bpt, lol)

Anonymous said...

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