Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate

I owe every girl that I've messed with, to this video.

The opening dialogue is money, then those dope spin moves come out of no where. Spin moves, chest bumps, running in place...what more could you ask for, from the choreographer. But of course there's more, new moves are introduced such as the "Ultra Travolta"(1:30)&(3:52), the "Hard Harlem"(1:40), and the "Heavy Chevy"(3:37). Their are also high kicks, and spinning splits...shits crazy.
But in actuality, the slammin' dance moves are there to keep the viewer's order to convey an important message. If you run down the girl you want, at full speed(2:15)'ll eventually be throwing tote bags on the hotel floor(3:58). And you know it's true.

Fly Ty

P.S. Don't act like you never did that move before...(3:42)


L$D said...

1) why am i astonished that milli vanilli encouraged you to owe every girl you've ever messed with to that video?

2) watching that video makes me ask: why were they a chart-topping group?

3)sadly, i think women have begun to take fashion tips from m&V as i saw quite a few shoulder pads with leggings ensembles at MJQ the other night...

Fly Ty said...

lol...I've never been to Concourse, but I hope your kidding