Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pt. 3...

Anyways, I'm not gonna hold you up...I have to go to court in a minute.
I was puttin' on my suit, and it got me feelin' like Beans at the end of State Prop.
I also felt the need to post this...

I'm So Hood remix

Not really feelin' the video, but I'm about to act a fool in court. Video looks like it was made by a freshman at SCAD. Plus, if these guys were so hood, green screens would not be involved. I'm just sayin'
click here

so that's it unil 11/18/2007
and any questions that concern me/
just address my attorney

Fly Ty

Jay-Z-This Shit Right Here

shouts to
Weapons Of Mass Destruction

**Bonus Track**

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