Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Eight Dollars !?!

This past summer is when I first ran into this clip. I was channel surfing and I landed on Diddy's Comedy Special on Showtime, I believe. Most of the comedians were pretty wack, but it was like 3am, and for some reason I was wide awake. While watching this comedy special, partially hating that Puff is making all this money...a comedian by the name Rob Stapleton stepped on stage, and what took place after that was totally unexpected. Every joke he said, I laughed hysterically. I can't explain how hard I was laughing. In fact, I was so loud...I got kicked out of the house. I couldn't control it. Now, I can't guarantee the same thing will happen to you...but everyone that I have shown this to, have been quoting his stand-up in everday dialouges. Matter of fact if you don't love this...you're probably hating.


Fly Ty

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