Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Act IV...

Two of my favorite people Kesh & Lu

The beautiful, and talented Kesh. She's a 20 year old DJ and fashion designer. I can't say enough about her, all I know is that if I ever see her...I'm gonna have to impregnate her, lol. Anyways, I wanna wish her a big "Happy Birthday". Also, she's having a big birthday bash at Room Service, if you are in the Tri-State area...I advise you to check it out. Oh yeah, you gotta wear you'll find out by most of her pics, it's her favorite color. For those in the other 47's some classic Kesh.

--The 30 Minute Dress video

--The Real Kesh Kesh video

--The Real Kesh blog

...Mr. Fiasco. People that personally know me...and actually look at these posts, are probably surprised I didn't post anything about my favorite rapper yet. I hope ya'll didn't think I wasn't. For the two of you that aren't messin' with Mr. Jaco, here is his album. Plus, here are some rare '07 treats

--Lupe @ EMU

--Fall Of Rome


--Dumb It Down

--LFTC's Cast

click here...

Fly Ty

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