Wednesday, November 14, 2007

3.5..Director's Cut

When a director makes a movie, that director usually feels that his piece of work is a masterpiece. If his piece is well protrayed, he usually gains a fan-base. This fan-base is usually never satisfied with just the one piece of work the director has provided. In fact, the fan-base often feel that they are entitled to more...due to their persistant support of the director's work. This is when the introduction of the sequel comes into place. Sometimes, the director never had intentions of making a sequel, and only presents a sequel for his supportive fan-base. This perdicament is at times looked at as a mistake. The fan-base can feel that the sequel was a mistake, feeling that it was not as good as the original. The director may look at the sequel as a mistake, feeling that the sequel may have strayed away from where his original piece was meant to take his fan-base. But hindsight is 20/20.


I'm kinda mad I posted that wackness of a video yesterday. I was gonna post this, but I should have posted probably this. At least if I would seen this posted instead of that, I might be able to comfortably stay away from this blog, but I can't. So, all that means is that I'm gonna have to off-set that wackness with mad bomb know what I'm sayin'

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