Friday, November 30, 2007

Gigaton Punch

I like rap...and I LOVE Street Fighter, so it only makes sense that I fuck with this. Enjoy.

Fly Ty

How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By Police..

Fly Ty

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Killers-Shadowplay

Undoubtedly my favorite band

Fly Ty


I couldn't find a better pic...but you get the idea

I just saw these Alejandro Ingelmo mirrored hi-tops, and I want them bad. Christmas is coming around, so I thought I'd just put that out there. As a matter of fact, it isn't coming around soon enough, and I get paid tommorrow. I think retail was about $400, but I'll jump. Plus, I want everybody to see themselves when admiring my joints.
...I've made up my mind, I'm going to Jeffrey tommorrow.

Fly Ty

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Snoop Dogg-Sensual Seduction

It seems like I've been a little WC biased on my site recently, but I do truly like this song. It looks like the DoggFather is finally going to get another #1 hit. Enjoy.

Fly Ty

Murs-Yesterday & Today

One of the few WestCoast rappers I listen to...

Now that I've seen this video, it reminds me of three videos...laying around somebody's editing room floor, that need to leak somewhere
1. Kid Sister - Pro Nails
2. M.I.A. - Paper Planes
3. Janelle Monae - Violet Stars Happy Hunting

Fly Ty

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Face Ghost?

Last night, I was gonna spazz in my post, about how I couldn't make it to the show...but I heard that he didn't even show. (He probably got word I wasn't gonna be there, lol) Well, I don't know if it's true, but if it is, I hope he didn't lose any fans.
BDR 12/4

Fly Ty

No Respect...

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Monday, November 26, 2007

2 days ago...the musical

Act I: The Morning



Act I


Act II: The Afternoon



Act II

Act III: The Night











Je regrette de ne pas vous l'avoir dit plus tôt.
Fly Ty

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007

...the party life

to be continued...

Se Remettre
Fly Ty

Friday, November 23, 2007

Vocoder Power

I know T-Pain is somewhere mad as hell

Yeah...I'm dedicatin' this post to 'you know who' who did 'you know what' with 'you know who' just keep that between me & you.

Fly Ty
P.S. I had the best Thanksgiving evar

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving (..sigh)

Happy Thanksgiving to all...

I was really going to write a big rant on how wack my Thanksgiving is about to be, but then I thought about it. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks to things God has blessed us all with, and I understand that any position that put I am in...I am in no way, shape or form, in a position to complain. There is always an ultimate reasoning behind everything. I am eternally gratefully for everything...and I cannot express it enough

Bonne Action de Grâce!
Fly Ty

P.S. If you missed it, I had a list of people I thanked for the intricate parts they had in the creation of this blog...I was gonna copy and paste the names to thank these people once again for being apart of the two decades of my existence, but you could just click here to see it.

P.P.S. oh...and if you really want see what I was originally going to post click

Fuck Thanksgiving (pardon my french)...the only good thing about Thanksgiving is that Christmas is around the corner....

I already knew my Thanksgiving was going to be the worst of all-time...because I was going to be alone. It seems that I'm the only person in the world who has to go to work on Thanksgiving. My family is going to be in Miami at my Grandma's new house. I've never been to Miami...and I really wanted to go, not only for my family, but for the city. I definitly wanted to check out Arrive. I hear they carry OriginalFake, and I really need a new jacket. It's feeling like Alaska in Atlanta. Anyways, I'm about to be trapped in this humongous house...bored...and with no food. I already know my Thanksgiving meal will probably just consist of a bowl of sad. I don't even know why we celebrate this shitty day. I feel what my man Nasir said about Thanksgiving.
The China-men built the railroad
The Indians saved the Pilgrim
And in return the Pilgrim killed em
They call it it Thanksgiving, I call your holiday Hell Day
Cause I'm from poverty, neglected by the wealthy

Me and my niggas share gifts every day like Christmas
Slay bitches and party everyday like this is the last
I'm with my heckles connecting and we hitting the lad
This is my level, fuck if it get you mad

--What Goes Around...NaS

Fly Ty

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate

I owe every girl that I've messed with, to this video.

The opening dialogue is money, then those dope spin moves come out of no where. Spin moves, chest bumps, running in place...what more could you ask for, from the choreographer. But of course there's more, new moves are introduced such as the "Ultra Travolta"(1:30)&(3:52), the "Hard Harlem"(1:40), and the "Heavy Chevy"(3:37). Their are also high kicks, and spinning splits...shits crazy.
But in actuality, the slammin' dance moves are there to keep the viewer's order to convey an important message. If you run down the girl you want, at full speed(2:15)'ll eventually be throwing tote bags on the hotel floor(3:58). And you know it's true.

Fly Ty

P.S. Don't act like you never did that move before...(3:42)

Kicks 2.0

I need to buy a better camera...pronto

I have a bad addiction. Most don't think it's bad, but I know it is. I've went to bed hungry just to have the satisfaction of knowing the hottest shits are on my feet. I saw a post on a fellow blogger's page, and felt challenged...nothing serious though.
I know that nobody was touching me in since I'm done torturing them, I have a bigger territory to mark. I'll be residing permenantly in the heart of Atlanta, after this short vacay I'm on. So all you "so-called" sneaker heads get ready to get styled on...ya dig.

Fly Ty

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Party Of The Year

Kesshia finally posted pics of her birthday extravaganza here

Fly Ty

Eight Dollars !?!

This past summer is when I first ran into this clip. I was channel surfing and I landed on Diddy's Comedy Special on Showtime, I believe. Most of the comedians were pretty wack, but it was like 3am, and for some reason I was wide awake. While watching this comedy special, partially hating that Puff is making all this money...a comedian by the name Rob Stapleton stepped on stage, and what took place after that was totally unexpected. Every joke he said, I laughed hysterically. I can't explain how hard I was laughing. In fact, I was so loud...I got kicked out of the house. I couldn't control it. Now, I can't guarantee the same thing will happen to you...but everyone that I have shown this to, have been quoting his stand-up in everday dialouges. Matter of fact if you don't love're probably hating.


Fly Ty

...and proud

**Bonus Track**

pouvoir noire

Fly Ty

Monday, November 19, 2007

Wide World Of Snort

Yesterday, I posted that new Outkast...and I believe I made the mistake in hinting that the song would be on the new Outkast LP. Even thought a new 'Kast album is in the works, DAOS4 will be placed on Drama's new album. Also, on the Gangsta Grillz album is this new Clipse & Pharrell. Whether or not you are fond of the excessive drug talk, you can't deny the skill level of the Clipse. They're my 3rd favorite group for a reason.

Fly Ty


Take It Off

I went to a Catholic school for most of my adolescence...and I was forced to wear a uniform. When I finally began public schooling, the big thing for me was being able to wear regular clothes. I looked at this as a privelege. It hurts me to see to my people drop hard earned dollars on overpriced non-sense to look bafoonish. So if you are looking at what you have on right now...and it looks mad clownish....

Southpole, Tall T-shirts that have cereal/dope references, Tall Tees, Slouch socks, All over patent leather Filas, Filas that aren't Grant Hills (those are dope), Rockstar clothing, wristbands, Sky II's, Ralph Sampsons, Rhinestone anything, Fur, Rubberbands, Kinky twists, Microbraids, the beauty supply slippers, LRG, Sean John, Rocawear, Reebok Souljas, White Sunglasses...especially with writing on them, Gold Ropes, Velour Jumpsuits, One-piece Denims, Birkenstocks, Air Jordans, Fake Jordans, Air Forces, Fake Air Forces, See-Through Sneakers, Fake Bathing Ape Sneakers, Real Bathing Ape Sneakers, headbands, dewrags, Girbauds, sleeveless hoodies, Sandles when not on the beach, Sandles, Creative Recs (okay for girls), S-Curls, fake Prada hi-tops, real Prada hi-tops, A-towns, wallet chains, internet profile pics wit your shirt off, contacts, Myspace/Facebook/whatever pages at a certain age, clothes from Rainbow, Sean John perfume, size 8 fitteds on size 7 heads, boat shoes when not on a boat, dumb shit, top grills, Air Max Lites, Court Forces (okay for girls), long ass Fingernails, Weave bangs, Weave, tattooed Teardrops, Bandanas, Condoms (lol,..kidding), dirty clothing, stuff bought online, Dickies, Gino Green Global, Fat laces, Converse Weapons, Bookbag, overpriced clothing, Suede, Makaveli Clothing, tight ass Capris, long ass Capris, Capris, Long Johns & Shorts, Work Badge, Mean Mug, Nike's ACG Boots, fake eyelashes, make-up, bull shit, lame shit, cool shit...
oh yeah, and Ed Hardy anything...please...


Fly Ty

Sunday, November 18, 2007


That new Philly Freezer album is about to drop sooner than you think. I know he disappeared for 3 years...but not only does he have an album co-produced by Curtis & Jay, he has been droppin' some real hot songs. So if you like rap, I advise you, to go check it out...

..and shouts to the love he's been giving the A recently

**Bonus Track**

click here

Fly Ty outcast since I was a teen

Outkast is my 2nd favorite group of all-time. They're my second, because the balance of skill level is so of the rappers makes the other rapper look like a novice (sorry 'Twon). Anyways, I just heard Outkast are in the stu' cooking up another album. And what I'm hearing is getting me kinda hype...

Fly Ty

Thank You & You're Welcome

The Bomb Shit is now up & ready for business. Before I get to work, I just want to take this time, to thank you. So...

God, Ma, Mommy Cat, Grandma, Auntie Darlene, Ant, Tony, Deedra, Courtney, Kia, Lakia, Chey, Kiana, David F., D, Will, Jackie Williams, Rebecca, Auntie Belinda, Blizm, Ervin, Rakeem, Randy, David R., Warren, Rizoh, Eskay, Ivan, Chad Hurley, AT&T, Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, Jabbar, Cory, Corey, Kevin, Keshia, Kristen, all them wack bitches at Primetime, DJ Kutt, Issa, Ellez, Laquandria, Gibrelle, Larry, Tiffany, Edison Chen, Clark Kent, everyone in the OnSmash offices, UMI, Scott Freeman, Stack, Fresh, Brian and Angel, Ellen Stag, Hawaii Mike, Sophia Santi, Cliff Bostock, Besha Rodell, Emily Hansen, Xanthe, Ian, Lamar, Quishema, Brianna, Maseo, Prince Paul, Merari, Ms. Land,, retrogurl,gizmogirl & Joe Gadget, Miss Linds, bluevenom, Poe, Yu-Ming, Kent, Jason Moore, Douglas Haddow, Sean Johnson, Quiana, Divashare, Rapidshare, ZShare, Megaupload, Sendit, FlashPlayer, Kobi Annobil, Ciara, Sheara, Haters, My Dad, Fred, K, Shaun, Gateway staff, Fred, Big E, Ms. Glenda, Ms. Penny, Mr. Jackson, Greg, Ayana, Ro-A, Iana, Ivy @ Geico, Davey D, Kaymar, Jarrell, Jermaine, Marquita, Nikki, Samantha, Mr. Hong, Walter, Von Pea, Dirt, Mickey Factz, Phever,Edmé G., Elliot Wilson, M.I.A., Eric Nakamura, Mr. Ginoza, Mat Fatlace, Khan, Justin Smith, Sean Corey, J Smooth, Fatsarazzi, lovely and talented Kesh, Donda West, Bernard Arnault, the whole LVMH, Travis, AD, Sean T, James, Andy, Pussy, Deyoung, all the Mash riders, Big Toes, Wu, Kneesee & Alichee, Jeff Staple, girls that give me MAD play...ya dig, everyone that hates Lil' Wayne, Dov Charney, Torbes & Zades, Benjamin, Virgil, Chuck Anderson, Jamie O'Shae, Spank Rock, The Cool Kids, Rob Stone, Jon Cohen, Michael Cohen, Djamilia, Sascha & Roger, Opto, René, Uli, Ben K., Anthony, Carol, Ben D. Chris, Hadiyah, Jimmy Wales, Larry Sanger, Posdnous, Dave White, Lola Smalls, Lindsey, Auntie Cheryll, Chris Wiltz, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Nabia, Sean P, my Nike rep, Cameron, Tyga,, Yasmine, Yasmine boyfriend, Alex, Jeese, Vonnie, Nykita, Rick, Ruin, San, TDM, Tiara, Percy Miracles, Travis Bickle, Kristen, Chris, Rashad, Slym, Slim, all them wack bitches at Southlake Mall, both of my granddads rest in peace, also rest in piece to all taken away from us godwilling we'll meet soon and party in that big club in the me a spot in line lol. This is the beginning of The Bomb Shit and all of you had an intriquite part in the creation of this project. Much love to ya...if I forgot you...forgive...I'll catch you on the next one....


Merci Beaucoup
Fly Ty

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Act IV...

Two of my favorite people Kesh & Lu

The beautiful, and talented Kesh. She's a 20 year old DJ and fashion designer. I can't say enough about her, all I know is that if I ever see her...I'm gonna have to impregnate her, lol. Anyways, I wanna wish her a big "Happy Birthday". Also, she's having a big birthday bash at Room Service, if you are in the Tri-State area...I advise you to check it out. Oh yeah, you gotta wear you'll find out by most of her pics, it's her favorite color. For those in the other 47's some classic Kesh.

--The 30 Minute Dress video

--The Real Kesh Kesh video

--The Real Kesh blog

...Mr. Fiasco. People that personally know me...and actually look at these posts, are probably surprised I didn't post anything about my favorite rapper yet. I hope ya'll didn't think I wasn't. For the two of you that aren't messin' with Mr. Jaco, here is his album. Plus, here are some rare '07 treats

--Lupe @ EMU

--Fall Of Rome


--Dumb It Down

--LFTC's Cast

click here...

Fly Ty

3.5..Director's Cut

When a director makes a movie, that director usually feels that his piece of work is a masterpiece. If his piece is well protrayed, he usually gains a fan-base. This fan-base is usually never satisfied with just the one piece of work the director has provided. In fact, the fan-base often feel that they are entitled to more...due to their persistant support of the director's work. This is when the introduction of the sequel comes into place. Sometimes, the director never had intentions of making a sequel, and only presents a sequel for his supportive fan-base. This perdicament is at times looked at as a mistake. The fan-base can feel that the sequel was a mistake, feeling that it was not as good as the original. The director may look at the sequel as a mistake, feeling that the sequel may have strayed away from where his original piece was meant to take his fan-base. But hindsight is 20/20.


I'm kinda mad I posted that wackness of a video yesterday. I was gonna post this, but I should have posted probably this. At least if I would seen this posted instead of that, I might be able to comfortably stay away from this blog, but I can't. So, all that means is that I'm gonna have to off-set that wackness with mad bomb know what I'm sayin'

Je reviens dans un instant
Fly Ty

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pt. 3...

Anyways, I'm not gonna hold you up...I have to go to court in a minute.
I was puttin' on my suit, and it got me feelin' like Beans at the end of State Prop.
I also felt the need to post this...

I'm So Hood remix

Not really feelin' the video, but I'm about to act a fool in court. Video looks like it was made by a freshman at SCAD. Plus, if these guys were so hood, green screens would not be involved. I'm just sayin'
click here

so that's it unil 11/18/2007
and any questions that concern me/
just address my attorney

Fly Ty

Jay-Z-This Shit Right Here

shouts to
Weapons Of Mass Destruction

**Bonus Track**

Monday, November 12, 2007

Pt. 2...return of the liar

Some news can't wait...

...what you want me to do...I'm sorry...I'm back
-- Jay-Z

Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are coming to Atlanta.
...well not exactly. But there will be a screening of Daft Punk's Electroma soon.
As a matter of fact...

If you haven't seen it yet 12/10/07 is the time to.
...oh yeah, and expect craziness

**Bonus Track**
Daft Punk-Interstella 5555

click here

Until 11/18/2007 (for real this time)
Fly Ty

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Lied...sorry pt. 1

My fault, I know I said I wouldn't post anything until the 18th, but this is crazy. I'm really sorry to those that actually flew to the Kingdom...but then again, they got internet over there...
Anyways, let me stop wasting time...

I just got word that my man Pretty Tone is coming to Atlanta...

I missed Jay a couple weeks back (I guess I'm not old enough to part like a Roc boy), but I damn sure won't be left out of this one. And for anybody not up on the Wally Champ by are seriously sleepin', and you should come to the wake the fuck up.
He already has a handful of classic material...but I hope performs something off of this...

...because 12/4/2007 is taking forever to get here...

click here

Oh yeah... don't count this as my first official post
My official drop is still dated 11/18/2007
Until then salut
Fly Ty

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

....flyer than Hartsfield to Heathrow

First post, so I don't have much to say. I'm really just writing this to see how it I can start editing. As a matter of fact I probably won't go in on this hardbody until...about...November 18, 2007. The countdown begins today. So for the time being, my advice for you is to...I don't know...board a plane. Where to you ask...only the coolest city on the planet. If you don't take my word for it... go pick up the November issue of the GQ, or read the article here...
But if you could give a fuck what's in the Quarterly, here is definite proof that the Big Smoke is the place to be...

remember the bomb's hit 12/7/41,
and the bomb shit 11/18/2007

...until then salut
Fly Ty