Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thank You & You're Welcome

The Bomb Shit is now up & ready for business. Before I get to work, I just want to take this time, to thank you. So...

God, Ma, Mommy Cat, Grandma, Auntie Darlene, Ant, Tony, Deedra, Courtney, Kia, Lakia, Chey, Kiana, David F., D, Will, Jackie Williams, Rebecca, Auntie Belinda, Blizm, Ervin, Rakeem, Randy, David R., Warren, Rizoh, Eskay, Ivan, Chad Hurley, AT&T, Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, Jabbar, Cory, Corey, Kevin, Keshia, Kristen, all them wack bitches at Primetime, DJ Kutt, Issa, Ellez, Laquandria, Gibrelle, Larry, Tiffany, Edison Chen, Clark Kent, everyone in the OnSmash offices, UMI, Scott Freeman, Stack, Fresh, Brian and Angel, Ellen Stag, Hawaii Mike, Sophia Santi, Cliff Bostock, Besha Rodell, Emily Hansen, Xanthe, Ian, Lamar, Quishema, Brianna, Maseo, Prince Paul, Merari, Ms. Land,, retrogurl,gizmogirl & Joe Gadget, Miss Linds, bluevenom, Poe, Yu-Ming, Kent, Jason Moore, Douglas Haddow, Sean Johnson, Quiana, Divashare, Rapidshare, ZShare, Megaupload, Sendit, FlashPlayer, Kobi Annobil, Ciara, Sheara, Haters, My Dad, Fred, K, Shaun, Gateway staff, Fred, Big E, Ms. Glenda, Ms. Penny, Mr. Jackson, Greg, Ayana, Ro-A, Iana, Ivy @ Geico, Davey D, Kaymar, Jarrell, Jermaine, Marquita, Nikki, Samantha, Mr. Hong, Walter, Von Pea, Dirt, Mickey Factz, Phever,Edmé G., Elliot Wilson, M.I.A., Eric Nakamura, Mr. Ginoza, Mat Fatlace, Khan, Justin Smith, Sean Corey, J Smooth, Fatsarazzi, lovely and talented Kesh, Donda West, Bernard Arnault, the whole LVMH, Travis, AD, Sean T, James, Andy, Pussy, Deyoung, all the Mash riders, Big Toes, Wu, Kneesee & Alichee, Jeff Staple, girls that give me MAD play...ya dig, everyone that hates Lil' Wayne, Dov Charney, Torbes & Zades, Benjamin, Virgil, Chuck Anderson, Jamie O'Shae, Spank Rock, The Cool Kids, Rob Stone, Jon Cohen, Michael Cohen, Djamilia, Sascha & Roger, Opto, René, Uli, Ben K., Anthony, Carol, Ben D. Chris, Hadiyah, Jimmy Wales, Larry Sanger, Posdnous, Dave White, Lola Smalls, Lindsey, Auntie Cheryll, Chris Wiltz, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Nabia, Sean P, my Nike rep, Cameron, Tyga,, Yasmine, Yasmine boyfriend, Alex, Jeese, Vonnie, Nykita, Rick, Ruin, San, TDM, Tiara, Percy Miracles, Travis Bickle, Kristen, Chris, Rashad, Slym, Slim, all them wack bitches at Southlake Mall, both of my granddads rest in peace, also rest in piece to all taken away from us godwilling we'll meet soon and party in that big club in the me a spot in line lol. This is the beginning of The Bomb Shit and all of you had an intriquite part in the creation of this project. Much love to ya...if I forgot you...forgive...I'll catch you on the next one....


Merci Beaucoup
Fly Ty

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