Thursday, December 27, 2007

wayne is SOOOO wack...

The Only Reason-Lil' Wayne ft. Sizzla & T-Streets

supposedly the first video for the Carter III...I hope so, so all them Wayne fans can shut the hell up about dude. It's like everything he does so corny to me. First, he's from NO, then 305, he jumps on T-Pain's shit for a minute, then it's Hello Brooklyn, and now he's from an island; his attempt at patois is mad offensive...but the boy has been hot garbage ever since Gillie stopped writing for him. He had me fooled with the first Carter...even with the first Dedication, but they way he got people brainwashed is sickening. My lil' brother is a prime example...but I'm not gonna put him on blast. Just know that Lil' Wayne is no way, or has ever been, the greatest rapper alive.

Fly Ty

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