Friday, December 14, 2007

Lupe Fiasco-Gotta Eat (The Hamburger Song)

So, The Cool has been leaked for a good week now...and the album is excellent.
I would have to say that hands down, it is better than
Food & Liquor
, which is saying a lot. I was going to post the whole album but I didn't want get Young King' One song that was really anticipated off of The Cool, was Gotta Eat(The Hamburger Song). When I first heard the idea of the Hamburger song, I thought Lupe was going off of the deep end, but this lyrical exercise really shows off his emcee skills. Enjoy and support The Cool.

My man said life ain't easy/
When niggas gotta eat that's when shit get greasy/
Streets be all like, feed me, feed me/
When niggas gotta eat that's when shit get greasy/
My man said life ain't easy/
When niggas gotta eat that's when shit get greasy/

He had a whole lotta cheese/
Plus he was a mack, he had a whole lotta steez/
Made a lotta niggas fat, gave a whole lotta g's/
Grams, man, he had a whole lotta these/
and he would let you hold, like a whole lotta ki's/
Even if you lose some/
He would give you new ones/
Twice the bread, its like he had two buns/
And he had a lotta seeds/ even his kids had mill's/
for reals/
Some rich small fries wrapped in paper since they were lil'/
Catch up nigga.../


He was a heart breaker, and a large shaker/
If it was 'bout cakin', he was a partaker/
International, he would take trips/
Bon voyage, as a hard he was fishin' for the chips/
So greedy/
never gave to the needy/
that what the bums say/
the way he shunned all the bums hangin' in the subway/
He called 'em fruits, and laughed at 'em/
Delivery man, on the pick up, drive through, and throw a bag at 'em/
And it was hard to understand him sometimes/
makin' a killin' the way he had 'em standin' in lines/


Lovers called him king/
Haters called him clown/
He would say "Bite me", that's the way, its goin' down/
He was havin thoughts that maybe he should retire/
Went to church on a Sunday and saw a deep friar/
said he had beef and people want him dead/
He loved the hungry ones was only scared of the feds/
He lived the fast life/
couldn't get his path right/
Friar just told him bout the hooters that he had last night/
Turn yourself in tho the paddy wagon, said no/
Bacon wouldn't take him, had the pigs on the payroll/


Lyrical Breakdown

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