Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's

I wanna thank all you for ridin' with me...these couple of months have been crazy. Special thanks to the doorman at Hole In The Wall...He let me and my girl's underage asses in the bar to embarrass ourselves during Karaoke night.

In 2008, I'm going to explore more of Atlanta's nooks&crannies, because that spot was alright.

This is my hundredth post, which is crazy to me...but whatever.

I'm about to head out and start the drinking (lol @ it being like 1:30p...what an alkie), hit on some innocent pedestrians...and get ready for this party that's supposed to be poppin' or whatever.

My man, Riz, told me to list the 10 best rap albums...but it was too hard.
Here's what I came up with
Top 10 LPs (in order):
1.The Cool
3.Finding Forever
4.Below The Heavens
5.American Gangster
6.Don't Quit Your Day Job
9.The Brick
10.Free At Last was easier for me to come with the best mixtapes...
Top Mixtapes:
1.The Graduate
2.Mood Muzik 3
3.Can't Tell Me Nothin' Mixtape
4.Man In The Mirror
6.Heaven's Fallout
7.Grand Vonye
8.Roc Stars-Street Leak
...couldn't think of anymore..sorry

Other than...I don't have much too say...again Happy New Year's, pop bottles, have a helluva time out...cuz I am...ya dig lol

Bonne Année!
Fly Ty

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