Friday, December 7, 2007

And That's The Truth Ruth

Awhile back...I posted this nonsense, and left a few in the dark.
Let me explain...I had a conversation with a few friends about
relations. At a point in time, it was asked what my dream girl was.
I tried to explain that my dream girl wasn't defined by any type
of physical attributes, but instead where her mind state. I guess
the girls' apartments I were at felt my answer wasn't heartfelt.
Even one of my close friends looked at me weird. He then asked me
in his weird voice,"So, you could see yourself wit a white girl"...
Now with liquor in me, and being in a position where I was telling
nothing but the truth, I replied, "No."
Now, I could have lied, to cover up the foolish, presumed notion
that I am racist, but I felt no need to. Me saying that I couldn't
see myself with a white girl is how I feel right now. If you would
have asked me 2yrs ago if I would have taken a break from school, I
would have said that there is no way...things change...i doubt my
feelings towards the white girl will
But seriously, I have no hatred towards anyone...well, I do hate
ignorance. And when I point out ignorance, such as racism, in
the real world...I don't place the blame on an entire race, but
instead the individual. That might be where the mistake is made.
I love everybody...I'd like to think I love to much. Some of my
friends who may not look at me as their best friends, look at me
as the best friend (think about it). Sometimes my kindness is taken
as weakness...but I don't sweat it
But let me get back on this race shit. It may not look like it in my
complexion...but some of my close relatives are white(I'm talkin
1st cousins)..and for those relatives I'd take a bullet. So for
clowns that don't understand ....Fuck Off...and that's the truth Ruth

The Double Truth Ruth

Fly Ty

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