Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post Christmas Post

<--me & my bruvah circa '95

Another Christmas, come and gone. I can't complain about yesterday,
I wish I could have spent a little more time with my family...but
other than that, it was good. It's crazy, in my mind, that I say this
cuz I got no presents (what's up with that, lol). Well, I got some
slippers (brown polyester wack) from my mom, but other
than that no presents for me. I'm waitin' for one present to get back
to me from Miami (you hear that Becks, lol), but that's another story.

I changed my mind, my Christmas wasn't was POPPIN'. I wish
I had a camera to share photos (I will have one for New Year's though,
don't worry), I spent the majority of the day with my closest of
friends aka the goonies, consumed untolerable amounts of alcohol
and rampaged throughout the city...that might sound bad, but it
was cool.

Well, I hope you all had the greatest holiday of all-time...

Fly Ty


Fly Ty said...

I wish I still had that black crewneck

Anonymous said...

lol @ pic...the big head twins

Karrie B. said...


-karrie b.