Thursday, December 27, 2007


[Disclaimer: posted while intoxicated]

My man JSmooth over at IllDoctrine has been doing these genius vlogs for a minute now, but I felt the need to create a post for this particular log. On this website/blog/nonsense that I created last month (that I still haven't found out the meaningfulness of...), I try to put up stuff that I feel needs to be put...while at the same time, get some stuff off of my chest (see below post, lol). I'm secret fan of blogs so that was one of the reasons that I created this one...all this spare time (well, not that much spare time)I have, I decided to create a blog that I would want to see. Anyways, some times I get the chance to post a new video, or new music before any of the mainstream blogs do...I then feel a sense of accomplishment. The same feeling I get when I get some shoes a week before release from my homie at Laced...oops. Well...yeah...I don't know what I'm sayin' now, I'm just typin' blah blah blah...sorry for incompleteness...I'm coming Dana

Fly Ty

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