Tuesday, February 5, 2008

To Whom It May Concern... pt. 2

why I've refused to sign up for Facebook/Myspace/etc...
This morning I was going to write up this massive passage on why I'm not on Facebook, but I couldn't. I have no real concrete reason why I'm the only person alive without a Facebook page.
I was going to rant on and on about it being wack, but there is no real reason for that. The initial reason for the rant was brought on by my homeboy Sean. Sean aka "the Facebook champion" is literally the Facebook champion. He is what Tom is to MySpace. He has more friends than most celebrities. He actually has to delete people to add new friends...simply because he has reached the 5,000 limit friend mark. He goes in hard on Facebook(not tryna play him), and has gotten many girls because of it, so it makes sense to me why he feels that Facebook is "God's greatest gift to man." I think about two days ago, I mentioned I needed to buy a new laptop. He then (of course) says why do you have a computer…you don’t even have a Facebook. This has been an ongoing joke between us…not the funniest joke, when repeated throughout the months, but a joke nonetheless. So after he hit me with that wackness of a joke, he followed it up with something new. After the wack joke, he asked me if I was scared. Scared!?! Scared of what of a virus? He explained what he thought I might be afraid of…but it’s so stupid; I’m not even going to type it up. So anyways, later on that night I was still thinking about our conversation, which is weird, because I really don’t care what he thinks…he’s a loser. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t worried about what he was talking about…it was the fact I didn’t have that concrete reasoning behind my actions (Dumb things like that bother me). But on the other hand, I had no concrete reason to get on. The politically correct answer of why Facebook is needed is known by everyone…to keep in touch with everybody. That may be true…I’d like to think that a good 85% of females use Facebook for their networking needs, but dudes…please. Probably 10% of dudes are using Facebook to catch up with classmates. I’ve been around plenty Facebook users, and it’s all the same.
But in the society that we live in today, where girls ask for your first and last name, instead of your number…maybe it’s not such a bad thing. I used to give any girl with a MySpace page automatic slore status…but I’ve opened my eyes. There’s 1 strong reason why I should sign up (because public EDA is not poppin’ lol), but for now…I’m good.

no reason

Fly Ty


Karrie B. said...

lmfao. it's really not, but it kinda is....for now.

-karrie b.

Karrie B. said...

atleast facebook, cuz myspace is wack now...to me anyway.

-karrie b.

Fly Ty said...

yeah...myspace is not even gettin acknowledged. Facebook maybe one day.