Thursday, February 21, 2008 ain't that bad...

...this is bad this weekend, yeah I was out of town, but I also went deeper into the depths of Wonderland...I talked to the women of Wonderland...didn't really walk with the women of Wonderland...but I feel little closer to "the land of Wonder"...I even found out ten facts about Alice herself...and I'll share them with you...

1 One-time Texan
2 She was a ballerina (I got the pictures, I seen ya)
3 She hates male strippers
4 ...loves to conversate about male strippers
5 fights dudes wherever she goes
6 racist
7 she "makes it thunderstorm" in clubs
8 she's goin to the Glow In The Dark concert
9 she's a biter
10. hearts phonebooths far that's all I can reveal about Connecticut's mom

**Bonus Track**

Fly Ty

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