Wednesday, February 20, 2008

...cornell Nelly is re-launching the clothing line Troop. Troop was a real popular line in the eighties. It fell off because of a KKK rumor. Even though the rumor may have faded in most people's mind, I still don't see the line gaining it's popularity...mainly because of Nelly...I'm not trying to play Nelly, but rapper clothing lines don't really take off like that...maybe back in the day, but not now. In plus, it's not just gonna be a rapper clothing's gonna be a Nelly clothing line lol ( @ Vokal)...but I can't front I did want a Troop jacket bad when I seen that Teriyaki Boyz video...Nelly just gave me a reason not to buy one lol...

Teriyaki Boyz-I Still Love H.E.R.

**Bonus Track**

Fly Ty


Samii Styles said...

Nelly is doing well with Apple Bottoms, he should focus on that.

Smitty said...

"dudes don't buy records"-Nelly

Yeah we do, we just don't buy your wack as sing-songy ass quasi-hip hop.

He should shut up about tip drill. he thought it would give him street cred. but it backfired on his ass. Just stick to makin jeans for females buddy. Don't talk so much and rap even less.