Sunday, January 6, 2008


I used to wonder what the big deal about 2 Live Crew was. I understood why they were controversial, but I wondered how they went double platinum. I am a little closer, to understanding why...with my obsession of Spank Rock music. The music can only be described as present-time 2 Live Crew sound. I first heard of Spank Rock last year and brushed it off. My homie was tryna put me on that Baltimore scene (lmao, at him Spongebob-ing), but it wasn't happening. I kinda mess with it now.
I posted a Spank Rock vid a while back. But I have no real reason why I listen to the music so much...its defintely not because of the lyrics.
I know that if I was a pornstar...this would be the background music though lol. I don't know what my name would be, but I do know a Spank track would be blastin'. My joints would be poppin though...Spank Rock in the background, mad high-fives to the camera man lol.
Anyways, here is that raunchy ass Bangers & Cash EP..because musically the EPK above doesn't do them any justice.

...I know their groupies be mad nasty

Fly Ty

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