Thursday, January 10, 2008

single life is still the worst...

The weekend is almost here, and single is still not the way to be. With the weekend approaching, the inevitable club-hopping also approaches. Club-hopping is very common when I hang with the Goonies (crew/boys/homies all sound I landed on Goonies lol). One secret of mine(well, it's not that secretive), is that I hate nightclubs. I mean...I really HATE nightclubs, but I can't tell you the last weekend that I stayed in. I think all of us hate clubs(I mean us Goonies...but you should too), but somehow we always find ourselves stumbling into one...and I do mean stumbling. I've been to every venue...and everyone is the same. Unless I'm smashing some dime piece in the bathroom, I'll tell you I had a wack time...that's the kinda perv I am lol. The most that can come out of the club is a number, and I usually delete those. Dudes might be readin' this and be like...whatever I "one nights 'em"...for those sayin' that, good for you. But look at it from my perspective, let's say there was a female talkin' crazy like that...on some "come n get me" stuff, it wouldn't go down unless she got five other friends that the boys approve of. One thing the Goons are good at is if one ain't happy, ain't nobody gonna be happy, ya feel me. So "one nighters" haven't come my way yet(fingerscrossed), but maybe for reason. So with my single status official, I have a dreaded feeling that my "dude night out" percentage is going to skyrise lol. Man...single life is the wuuuurrrsst.

Fly Ty


Karrie B. said...

i feel u...single life CAN suck, but its a bitter sweet kinda thing. like, bein single is the "wuuuuurrst" because u get 2 thinkin 'who can i call' or 'who can i lay up with' or watev. relationships get complicated when u feel as tho you've lost your "freedom", whatev. either way, i'm not Dr. Philing u, i just want 2 know that i totallyyyyy understand, but enjoy your single life while u

-karrie b.

Tay said...

I hate nightclubs too =/ but I dont keep it a secret. If theres no house parties jumpin off that night im staying in. Giving someone my number doesnt even count as a win to me either. I have some weird stigma against people I meet in they cant be trusted or eff all that.