Wednesday, January 9, 2008

stayin' up til 2am, to watch Cheaters...©Clipse

I had this big passage typed up, but I deleted it. I just hope things change before Valentine's Day...because the single life is the worst.

Fly Ty


Pretty.Hip said...

What are you talking about?! Single life is the best!

Fly Ty said...

whatever, maybe for females. Because ya'll can just stick ya'll head out the door and get a temporary replacement. But dudes gotta put in time...nah, I don't even wanna get started

A.E.Joseph said...

Yeah, I think I might agree with you on this one. I missed "cakin'" season [winter], my only hope to make it on Valetine' Day. But its so hard out here for a pimp. lol.

P.S. Thanks for the condolences, I appreciate and I'm positive Janelle does. The W..A.S love you! :)