Monday, January 14, 2008

...are girlfriends okay

I just set up two separate outings with two beautiful girlies tomorrow. Should I feel I guilt...I don't think so, but then again, I could be wrong. I wouldn't even second guess the situation if these were 1st time meetings, but I have pretty lengthy relationships with the question lingers, should I feel guilty. I think the answer is still no. I was taught that maybe girlfriendsss(I gotta emphasize the plural) are okay, actually by a female.
It was a while back, and I was riding back home from one of those wretched "dude night outs". On ride home from clubs, I have the habit(especially when intoxicated) making calls to loved ones. Some of them are silly, but this was a different type of call. So anyways I call up ol' girl that I was talkin' to for a minute, you know...tryna make things happen. I didn't expect her to be up, but to my surprise she was wide awake. The conversation went as follows:
Me: Yo, awake
You: yeah, I'm up
M: for real, what you doin' up so late?
U: just talkin' on the phone..
M: you on the phone right now?
U: yeah
M: I'll let you get back to your conversation then.
U: what?!?
...(excerpt of conversation)
Now, she said that I was drunk, and overreactin', but whatever. It was 4am. Then I thought (after she told me) "who am I to tell her when she can talk on the phone?" That shit opened my eyes, with this being said I feel no guilt.
Has there ever been a time when you were talking to somebody and before you could take it to the level of no return. You let it be known that you're in a relationship, you're proud of yourself...but that girl walks out of your life. Then your relationship doesn't turn out the way it was supposed...and that girl is no where to be found. That will never happen to me from now on, I'm just gonna live life...

Fly Ty


Karrie B. said...

well, i don't think u should feel guilty unless ur "g-in" both girls by leading them on & telling them they're the only 1 (ur pursuing)...

-karrie b.

Fly Ty said... g-shit, I think "pursuing" is the perfect description.
But I don't think it would be smart on my behalf to inform them of each of them will eventually win me over, lol

Pretty.Hip said...

You must be my ex-boyfriend...Or me in a dude's body! Although, I can relate, you can't nurture 1 relationship if you're busy with another 1. To sum what I just said all up, I think that all 3 of us (You, my ex-boyfriend, and Me) are all looney and indecisive!

Fly Ty said...

You must be my ex-boyfriend

Nope, I'm better than him in all aspects of