Thursday, January 3, 2008


So, during my daily blog surfing...I found that one of my favorites put up a new post. The post stated that the site was gonna start going more in depth with a feature that was at one time rarely posted. To make it short, the blog is going to start putting up shots of fashion inclined individuals around the city.

Right now, you might be saying "This is already being done," and if you did say this, I want you to punch yourself in the chest. Yeah, I've heard of's alright, but since it's existence they have yet to show an ATLien on their site. Little things like this, I seem to notice. Even though I may be a transplant resident, I take pride where I reside. I feel that Atlanta is most unique, because it seems like no one is originally from Atlanta, lol. I see the city like a big pot of gumbo, containing people from all sorts of people from different locations, cultures, and backgrounds. Plus, the city is growing before our eyes..but that's a post for another day, so let get back to subject.

I really like this idea...and I am strongly co-signing it (as you
can probably tell by this post). I really want to see where this goes,
so much, in fact...I'm gonna have to let this post this breath for a
minute. So this goes out to everybody all over the work.
I don't want the world to think that residents of GA are all draped in tall tees and white sunglasses.
So for all of you fashionistas, cats that think they are the freshest of all-time, or if you just made your outfit look crazy...and you wanna share it.

Send all pics to:
Be sure subject the e-mail as "Blog Pics"

This may, right now, be a small project...but no matter what it is, the sky
is always the limit

P.S. Go

Fly Ty

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Pretty.Hip said...

Aww man thanks! Now don’t think I’m a sucka when I say this, but I’m kinda teary-eyed! Thanks for the support, co-sign, and plug! (All of which are greatly appreciated) I hope this thing works out though. I have a couple of pictures, but I’m going to wait until I get some more to make my 1st post. Thanks again!