Sunday, July 19, 2009!..Gucci in Jail?

(A source in Gucci’s camp let me know that Gucci Mane violated the terms of his probation, by failure to appear and dirty urine. The violation has sent him back to prison. The source also mentioned, Warner Brothers/Asylum Records is trying to keep it quiet because Gucci going back to jail will hurt the promotion and marketing of Gucci Mane album this year. The fear is that with Gucci going in and TI possibly coming out, the buzz in Atlanta and the support of the label will shift from Gucci to TIP. Hopefully the Warner Brothers/Asylum Records will speak more on the situation. Gucci Mane is looking at a 2 year bid. --via Ms. Civil)
nickiminajgucci who's gonna take that ATL crown, now that the Westside & Eastside's kings are behind bars?..i wonder..

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Fly Ty

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