Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Melo-X-Maxwell's BLACKsummers'night Instrumental remix EP

Write Up:

"First of all I have to apologize, we were supposed to premiere this project yesterday (it was ready), but I messed up. Anyway, waiting an extra day for some quality music isn't too bad, right? Today, OKP brings you Maxwell's Instrumental Remix EP, produced by MeLo-X. We gave you a sample track from the project last week, and now you can hear the full six track instrumental EP of Maxwell's BLACKsummers'night as remixed by MeLo-X. MeLo is definitely making a bold move by touching up an album so new and so widely heralded. I think he pulls it off well, so follow me after the jump to judge for yourself. NYC: Check out MeLo-X rocking live along with Diz Gibran, The Kickdrums, and more at SOB's tonight"--OKP

Maxwell BLACKsummers'night Instrumental Remix EP Cover almost thought he was gonna flake on the release date..but Mr. Mustafa stands true to his promise..enjoy..oh yeah, and anybody that can rap should def. attack this tape enjoy..

Fly Ty

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