Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dom Kennedy, Pacific Division, & Carter-Everybody Knows Us

..I want that lighter

Fly Ty


Smitty said...

Is this a Hundreds commercial....Damn. Dope song tho.

M* said...

what song does song sample again NERD but what track again?!?!not sure

Fly Ty said...

yeah, this is def. a Hundreds can tell by the cover art..oh yeah, and the sample is the breakdown of 'Everybody Nose'..dopeness..

M* said...

Okay --see im just so used to the fastpart i was lik what track is this.

I wish they can just seperate the breakdown for its own song, with the same nerd part!!! that shit would be on replay.

but DOm n them did they thing on this track. -Greatness