Wednesday, November 19, 2008

..the thank you

Soo,’s been a year and I’m very thankful. I just want to give a big

First off, I want to thank everybody smart enough to know about the collapse function on this

Now to everybody else in this movie..Rakeem the brother, David F. the best friend, David R. the spitting image, Sean T. the clone, Lamar the roommate, Jhordan the Harlem clown, Nolan the J, Steve the Boss, T-Real the enterprenuer, Fred the lil photographer, Kevin the lil Cali nigga, Raymond the lil twin doctor, lol lil' guys..Janice the mom, Shakira the Mook, Keana the rapper, Rich Louis the Hatian, Elick the dad, Pauline the Thompson, Willina the vixen, Recho the cover lady for salt, Jasmine the granny, Jabbar the Harlem nig from Brooklyn, Joy the ChickFilA manager, Before the Hype, Rewface of The Wack Attack, M* of SunriseSundown, Hadiyah the first female to comment on my blog, Ivan the first to comment on my blog, Joy the Joy, Mandee the one that believes that less is more..i don't believe that lol, all those anonymous commenters..why you got be like that lol, Turbo the Battletoad, AmericanMade the hood's entreprenuer, Ra the MC, EnglandRep the highest snob, Samii with the Styles, Tay the Happiest Ambuscade, ArtJunkie! the urban one, A.E. the Joseph, Sheri Tocara the one at the Platinum Spot, Shawtii Red the one with the 2 big gumdrops, ClnMike the happy go lucky one, Dominique the Minor, Eb the Celeb, Tystarr the gamer, GorgeousBlackWoman the one who was, Bella the Howard, Amaranta the one with Dolph Insurance, Ryan of the Life & Times, Floshi the one that tried to shine on me, O'Neal the soldier, Warren the lame, Erica the heart of Sean, Amber the sister of Sean's heart lol, Raye the thick alumni, Antionette the AKA, Shaun the first, Krista the Cali girl that stay playin' me, Ashley D. the slore, Whitney the easily influenced roommate, the bomb squad as themselves, Smitty with the Soliloquy, Shadow the resident of GakCity, Nikki the Mac, Erin the BDay girl, Amber the #1, Evan the Balboa capo, Matt the one makin it work, Dae of, Toni the part-time blocker..on the low, Bridget the Albany hooters girl, Idia the bff of lil Kevin, Keedra the girlfriend of Jhordan..on the low, Cris the weird chipmunk girl, Chase the Andrews, All those BangBang girls, Rebecca the tease, Brittney my condom provider, Fani the Retrosushi, Lawrence FP, Kaymar the rapper, Cameron the rapper, Terico the rapper, Bianca the NY chic, Ijah the socialite, Kei the boss..i think, Fadia the 'TheKader', Reggie the YoungBishop, Kia the Scad Paparazzo, Erica the mouse, MARTA the transit, Mommy Cat the grandma, Chuckie the artist, .jas. the misses, Nabia the girl that says she gonna beat me up, Phalan the..idk why you mad at me girl, Shannon the Yukmouf, PlugOne the Posdnous, Jason the heavyweightmover, René the dime, Lindsay the FAMU, Lindsey the Lohan, Chey the Amsterdam connect, Maury the entertainer, Alex the milf smasher, Jarrell the Sav roommate, Quiana the flyest..nah she just work at the airport, Larry the Process, D'Anna the 'why were you on Super Swag 16??' lol, Sham the coolest, Fatima the one that wasn't Snow White, Faren the ?, Kyra the Spelman forward, Tendayi the best, Mel the roommate by force, Chermaine the pretty one, Jeff F. the Athens print machine, Megan the socialite, Shawn C. the rapper, Heather M. the twin, Shavonne the one that almost got it, Aris the Cali girl i think from BaldwinHills, Kierra the BKing Queen mascot, Dana the youngin', Tahira the big-front, Robin the tall glass of wack juice, Denise the pretty lady, Ralph the rapper, Vivian the tennis vet, Nikki M the Savannah thug, Phoung the Pham, Lestelle the GState one, Blossom the opposite of the one that had her own show, Menesha at MetroCafeDiner, Daniel the SneakermanDan, Sam the Blu, Gabby the geek, Zachoyia the snitch, Dana the partypromo, Angie the gospel singer, Akele the Canadian killer, Meghan the white girl, Sneha the invisible girl Hawa the it girl, Mykal the most, Dion the nicest, Ashley the leg of the tripod that gets acknowledged, Connecticut the future/greatest, Mrs. Penny the wine bottle, Chevrolet motors the sturdiest, Ivy the Insurance lady, Iana the shiestiest Albanian, Rashad the cardplayer, the Magnolia security..with their bulletproof vest & flashlights, Mick the one that Ruin'd everything, Niq the one I owe, Room 206 the Lauryns/Laurens & Leah, all bitches that throw it my way, 151 the taste, and God..He got me this far and I am very thankful..

thank you to everybody reading this. Wow, TheBombShit lasted a’s very crazy and random how this shit was birthed (if you will)..anybody that knows me would probably describe me as a hater, which is far from the truth, but in this instance a little bit of hate was involved. This dude I met at some store was tryna shit on me talking about how he had this blog…and I just made mine solely to shit on him..that’s bad right…but at the same time it was just a place for all of my friends to hear new music, because I was always the one in the crew that would hear shit before everyone else, and instead of running around to everyone I would just post it and let everybody judge for themselves..that was the seed, and now the plant growing pretty for the name of the blog, most people think it’s a weed term, and that may be true..but that’s not what I thought of when I made this…throughout my whole childhood my mom used to call me J.J. (you know from GoodTimes) when I was younger I thought it was because of the two J’s in my middle name, but now I know it was because I was so skinny..anyways, you know J.J.’s fav. Line was ‘Dy-No-Mite’..right?…well, that was the bomb..and I had no idea what I was even creating a blog for in my cloud of hate..but anything I would put up..I figured the shit would be there it was..TheBombShit was created through a whole bunch of random ideas..I hope you’ve enjoyed it lol..more to come..

Fly Ty


Lina said...

Im first...

Thank you for putting me at the top cause you had a whooollee lotta thank you's. I hope you stay around, cause you drop bomb shit...and mad weirdness...both of which I fucks with heavily. :-))

karrie b. said...

"Keana the rapper"

andddd when my shit is official and mixed (the way it should be) you get the exclusive, the 1st, my children (the music), and my heart.

loves youuuuuuuuuuu


The Monster said...

Yo,keep doin you man and be yourself which might be hard to do since you hang around a guy thats on a whole new level to be honest.(GQ).aka.- sean taylor-
but yall some cool kids man and I know this is only the beging.

Smitty said...

I check you blog right after I read mine. You put me up on a few nice rappers (Pause) .


congrats bro...
keep the heat comin...its cold outhere lol
smoke sumtin lol!


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