Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shawty Lo RapCity Freestyle

...you thought I wasn't gonna post this...haha

shawty..what it do/
shawty, what's happen'in'/
been had stripes/
I don't know about you/
L-O , dey know/
Man, it ain't nothin' new/
Don't listen to these rappers/
...it ain't all true...haha/
yeah, just spent a quarter on the crew/
a hundred on the coupe/
fifty on the roof/
twenty on the shoes/
ten goes to you/
the other seventy thou' just to make it bulletproof/
haha..ayy..hey, how you doin it's L-O/
17.5, I still got em' for the L-O/
ridin' round town in a '08 Camaro/
blue, white, and yellow/
call it Carmelooo.../

Lyrical Breakdown

Fly Ty


Evolution83 said...

Wow...that was greeaatt! (please feel my sarcasm)

karrie b. said...

@ foofie foof: of course u were gonna post this. ur a fiend monster.


Pretty.Hip said...

Is it still considered a freestyle if your friends behind you already know the words?

karrie b. said...

lmfaooooooooooooooooooo @ pretty.hip


lemiboy said...

lol.... i fucks w/ L-O