Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Classic Material

shouts to Ian

...shouldn't really be classified as classic...but this is the one song I remember getting crazy plays on the radio, during my first visit to Georgia...I also put this up, because they got Polow Da Don in this video (1:24)...lmao, and he looks just like Kaymar...

Fly Ty

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Smitty said...

Nah...your right thats classic. I always had a thing for the white chick. Is that K.v. or Envy. The sistah looks mad dike-ish. lol at Polow Da Don!

Did he produce this?

Ok dude. How come no one comments here but me? I think your blog is so dope bruh. We have similar musical taste and you keep me posted on the hot/new/next in hip-hop aside from throwing funny and interesting shit in the mix too.

Big ups!