Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kanye West..yikes

..this was a def. 'L'

Confirmed: MTV News: Kanye was asked to leave after rant...

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Fly Ty


PhlyyGirl said...

Was it? Was it really? I think it was misguided, but honestly, he was moreso protesting the fact that the VMA's do not recognize black artists work fairly. Beyonce's single ladies video did PHENOMENONAL numbers in terms of ...basically every standard you can judge it with. To give that award to Taylor Swift over Bey was kinda a slap in the face.
That don't make Kanye right, it just make him gone off that Henn!

Fly Ty said...

..nahh, it was a def L...if he expressed himself during the aftershow interview or something, it would've been respectable..but he didn't and that's why he had to evacuate the building, in a sense. It hurts me to say this because I am hands down the biggest Kanye West fan of all-time lol..but he was def. in the wrong..thats why he apologized..