Tuesday, December 23, 2008

J.A.M.E.S. Watts- I Just Want To Get Along With You (An Open Letter)

James Watts_Shotti1

I been tryna say some things but words won't come out/
We ain't talk in so long feeling like you dumbed out/
But I came back for you in hopes that we could be together 'fore our distance grows permanent and time runs out/
I recall that one summer three years ago/
I was so naive but prepared to grow/
And prepared to go anywhere that you might be/
And I always catered to things I felt you might need/
But you played me/
I sacrificed much for you/
All the sleepless nights that I stayed up for you/
Days when shit went wrong and I felt suicidal I ain't slit nothing but I made some cuts for you/
Verbally communicated 'cuz I heard that girls like that/
When that didn't work I turned around to write that/
Little love letter outta sweet 16's/
I was right back/
But something always wedged between/
I ain't never like the clubs but I went cuz you did/
Everyone there was fucking with you, I's so stupid/
I coulda been a jerk/
And just blew the scene, but I stayed home with you when I shoulda been at work/
And other women enticed me/
Fuck, who I am kidding? Other women liked me/
But it was always James you need to change up your Nikes/,
To shirts and slacks/
Once or twice I let em' call me, I ain't call back/
I was dangerous in love with you, kinda like B say/
While you played VIP or the booth with the DJ/
Never paid me no mind, always doin' what he say/
Mom said you wasn't right for me, you act so ea-zay/
Cuz nowadays, it's like everbody done hit/
You a trifling whore, swallowing, you needing to spit/
But now that times is so thin/
You tryna go in/
But ain't too many guys left tryna give you the dick/
So instead it's back to James, I'm your safety net/
I done gave you so much, you ain't thank me yet/
This time around, no bullshit, I need to collect/
On all the good things you promised 'round the time that we met/
I spent our three year anniversary in the house/
Couple parties that night, so you was probably out/
Don't sweat it -- and please don't try to give me an excuse, cuz recently just dumb shit be coming out of your mouth/
No offense/
I guess this is where I'll end/
The door is still open but you gotta walk in/
I hope we'll be together in the right way soon, cuz despite your bullshit, you're still my best friend/

Lyrical Breakdown

..J.A.M.E.S. is back with another one, this time over the Kelis' Saddest Story...

Fly Ty


M* said...

another?!?! can u skool me on tha first song he did. i like this 1.

he must be good, if every site is postin tha lyrics to tha song.

Fly Ty said...

..honestly, I first heard about him around the time he hooked up with Mickey, for that Chester French remake..but as you can hear he's nice..the lyrics are posted because it's an extended metaphor..an open letter to someone/something..I think he's talkin' to hip-hop..but I could be wrong..but yeah, the dude is dope & a part of TheBombShit family..you should def. check him out..