Sunday, July 6, 2008

Joe Budden-Who pt. I

...shit's crazy

Can anybody pin point the day it went wrong/
I used to blame Reggaeton/
Can't front..I thought all that was corny/
Was I Ja's fault?..Lil Mo said she didn't get paid for 'Put It On Me'/
Bring it up, and dudes get on som coy shit/
Was it T-Pain with that funny voice shit?/
Or was it Lil Wayne with that funny voice shit?/
The whole game dickrode that funny voice shit/
I can't tell when it happened/
Was it when Lil Jon showed dudes you could sell without rappin'/
Was it 'Laffy Taffy', I thought they was kiddin'/
Shawty Lo said 'Dey Know', I really didn't/
Dancin' became cool again, then came 'Walk It Out'/
But I ain't know what the fuck niggas was talkin' 'bout/
Unit kicked Game out, they ain't give a fuck/
Then we see the same shit happen to Buck/
It was a few years ago, but I remember the summer/
50 made fans start lookin' at the numbers/
A&Rs won't take risks, they won't sign niggas/
The word 'swag' came out, started to blind niggas/
Rap dudes want reality shows/
And my dumb ass thought thinkin' that reality sold/
Did it start with the Ipod/
Or where rappers had to pay DJs for them to do they job/
I mean, all the content was the same, it won't differ/
Everybody sold some drugs and pulled triggers/
When you think about it, you gon' just get sicker/
And why the fuck would Nas wanna call his shit 'Nigger'...nigga/
Was it when the Wu broke/
Pac, Big, Pun went to sleep, never woke up/
Lupe was doin a tribute, and choked up/
Some of these stupid ass fans like "so what?"/
Some of them, they ain't educated/
And fuck blaming the south, we ain't segregated/
I mean, it was good around the Kiss and Beans shit/
Took a left turn around the Kiss and Green shit/
Maybe it all started,/
when Roc-A-Fella parted../
..ways, it's natural to shift towards fame/
I watched every last one of (them) dudes shit on Dame../
..kinda got that in common, I can dig that pain/
When they gave Jay a desk and suit/
it finally gave a rapper a chance to come execute/
But somethin' told me that the suits at the tables was hurtin'/
They fired everybody, labels started mergin'/
As far as sales, the decline is strong/
Ask the experts, they'll say the climates wrong/
I mean, some niggas pride is gone/
I peeped it when niggas start puttin' fake diamonds on/
You could tell a dude,"I spit better than you"
But then he'll say,"I'm richer for whatever I do"/
I seen all this comin', I knew what we was in for/
Back when Eric Sermon jumped outta the window/
Was it when Mase retired, he couldn't hack it/
...Tip could, he just needed some more ratchets/
DJs, prducers wanted to get us the farthest/
..said fuck rappers, and they became the artist/
I gotta talk candid/
Did we start havin' issues around same time Jimmy & Cam did/
Was it when Chingy thought he ain't need Ludacris/
next album, found out that was ludicrous/
Papoose and Clipse survived/
inkin' with Jive, then gettin' jived/
ya man, J-Hood repped that D-Block gang/
then I seen dude draggin' his D-Block chain/
Or did One-Hit wonders change it all along/
they made labels only wanna sign a dudes song/
And you really don't know shit/
if you think the fans pick the videos at 106/
I'm just statin' the truth/
Did it start when Fox stayed in the news, more than she did the booth/
Or was it when Lil Kim stopped exploitin' sex/
And what the fuck is up with DMX/
..I hope dudes straight/
Have an opinion, and they gon' say you hate/
I can't front, Im missin' the old Clue tapes/
the underground sunk further/
the feds was on Irv, so the Inc dropped Murder/
I never blamed F.A.B., Jeezy, Rick Ross/
This shit get lost when Shyne went up north/
Ill never understand the Hip Hop Police/
when Hip Hop is what Hip Hop needs to police/
these blatant ass radio attempts sound so bland/
Twista kept tryin to recreate 'Slow Jams'/
Did we send the wrong message with our slang/
Cuz broke niggas blowin' their rent to make it rain/
Til you walk in give a bitch a few twenties/
And she'll smirk her face up, lookin at you funny/
This chick told me only take new money/
Man, I snatched my shit back so fast/
Or did it start when rappers said fuck it/
Sacrifice the music, started rapin' they budget/
Nothin wrong with dudes being candy or pop/
Something was wrong when Joc hit the Candy Shop/
We buyin our own records, maybe no ones to blame/
Or we a business we can't afford to maintain/
The second week show that boy numbers ain't hot/
I hate to break it to you, numbers always lied/
Or when Ortiz signed to Aftermath/
And now he feelin the aftermath/
Was it Fight Klub, fuckin' with those battle raps/
But not too many of em gettin' signed after that/
I mean, some can't stay afloat/
A million Busta records, he still not mentioned with the GOAT/
Fuck lookin for answers, time will tell/
Was it when Def Jam didn't wanna resign L/
A fifteen year old told me cash was ass/
Rather than spazz, all dude could do was laugh/
Or was when the East coast fell off/
Or got comfortable, maybe dudes were too well off/
The more niggas said they write down lyrics/
The more started to sound like they didn't/
But, do whatever you can to keep the lights on/
But dumbin down just became the new Dylan/
Honestly, I ain't know what to think/
A few years ago, we had the young kids wearin pink/
I can't blame the fans for not knowin' a damn thing/
When we trained them to be this way/
I mean, showed them whatever to sell with no limits/
Since the early 90s sold em a false image/
So when some shit come that don't fit the mold/
Its like a mole, nigga you won't even do gold/
They watch videos, see you on the corner with a whole bunch of people and think that you good/
They turn on the TV, see these video bitches, and they think niggas girls really look that good/
I mean, they get so many free verses, when the album drops the shit more like a bonus/
Why pay for it why take onus/
With only one click of mouse, you can own it/

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