Saturday, May 31, 2008

Res-You Know What

...originally recorded for the Seeing Sounds album...but was left on the cutting room floor...Res shows what she would have done with it...

Fly Ty

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DaKatalyZt said...

White), Shareese Ballard (Res) & Pharell Williams (from The Neptunes) co-written Star Track production of "You Know What" which initially was per4med by Res & later added to the N.E.R.D. seeing sounds album released overseas. I simply downloaded the early unmastered version of this track via myspace (quite awhile ago) added hip lyricizm vocals with engineering in conjunction with Mark Sounds & Nashville's own 247, and then created the video using windows movie maker + various still shot photos; do not fret music lovers, this song is starting to create quite a buzz locally hear in Nashville, shot-outs to the homie Res of Idle Warship; I experienced her live & direct in Los Angeles @ Club Roxy's on Sunset Blvd circa 2005 & i'am looking 4ward to bringing sister Shareese to the MUZIXITY (Nashville) real soon $$$ :o)