Friday, March 21, 2008

...bout to take ya'll back to '04

Fly Ty


Niki.Mac said...

ALMOST! Can you believe that buzzer win? Crazy....

Niki.Mac said...

OH, and GO TAR HEELS!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yo,fly ty guess what...(kerri came to pick me up today because she is in town but,solo anyway we was down town and all ,then she told me her brother is haveing a birthday party.SO I was like ok cool,man it was the worse birthday party ever I mean EVER.Tell me this,her brother had 2 gay guys strippen!!!!
(I forgot her brother was GAY,I had to get the fuck out of there and all I could do was laugh and hold my butt chicks tight the whole night LMAO..LMAO
And then he had like 7 to 9 girls there and the 2 that looked good was gay,so I try to go hard and get there number but guess who was all on my dick???(the gay guys,SIKE joke Kerri so I couldnt even pull.but I got there names so u know am going to look them up on facebook ya digg)LoL
Anyway turn your phone on and hit me up!!